It’s funny what you find on the internet. Since the internet is filled with a lot of self conscious geeks, articles like this make a mark.

It is a funny article, but the best part is at the end in italics.

[Update: for those people who commented that someone who writes tripe like this has never spoken to a girl, you are nearly correct. I haven’t spoken to a hot girl at a party in eleven years, or interviewed a bikini model, because my hot wife wont let me. When she saw this silly post last night she commented, “That gave me a migraine. I’m going to bed.”]

After that I realized just how sad the majority of the male population is (at least on the web?). Most of us them probably have had or are having chick problems. So to compensate for their lack of “loving” they accuse every guy on the internet, who hasn’t posted a photo of himself with a hot chick, that he is full of shit and that he’s never even talked to a girl.

Of course they are just shooting blanks, blindly hoping that their insults will actually hit their mark, exposing a lonely geek. In reality of course they are just trying to compensate for their own lameness by trying to find out if their are the only lonely ones.


3 Responses to “Girls”

  1. Donny Says:

    I’ve never talked to a girl. 😦

  2. Alex Says:

    that’s a bad lie

  3. Donny Says:

    Hee Hee.


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