When should you settle

First I would like to say that I am quite aware of my lack of presence. I’ve been in a not so “let’s write about it” kind of mood. Not that I’m feeling bad, because I’m definitely not, just haven’t had the motivation to dwell on things.

However today’s installment is about figuring out when to settle for something. Personally I have a hard time with this idea. I seem to reside in two extremes. I can be completely accepting of whatever comes my way, all the while feeling like I really deserve more. On the other hand I can be very picky and not settle until I’m satisfied, all the while doubting my chances at success and wondering if maybe I should settle for something short of the goal. That is why I now pose a question, when do you settle and when you do push on?

I suppose there will always be those that say that you shouldn’t settle no matter what (sup Paul). Others will remark that knowing when you’re ahead and it is time to quit is quite important. But what if  you don’t feel like you’re ahead and you don’t want to settle, what then?

Maybe this ties in somehow to the well known commitment phenomenon that guys experience. The issue is not so much commitment as it is commitment to the need of possible future commitment.


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