How do you act when you’ve found something that you’ve been searching for? Something that would make life easier, less stressful and make you happy. You’re not sure if you think this is destiny, in fact you try to talk yourself out of that idea, fearing that it will jinx your chances of obtaining it. You can’t sit still because you are so anxious to act. You try to research as much as possible about it, making sure you’re not being fooled into a bad deal. All the while realizing that you’re being probably quite naive for feeling this way. Wishing you could take your own advice. You know the protocol and how such things should handled, but that doesn’t guarantee anything for you. You lose a night of sleep unintentionally dreaming about it. You begin to lift it onto an unreachable pedestal, making it seem like a huge deal. That in turn creates more anxiety and uncertainty at how to proceed. When you first saw it, you were cocky and confident. Upon further inspection you begin to wonder how good your chances really are at getting away with it. You tell yourself everything will be ok and things always work out for the best. You have already played out various scenarios in your head of how it will all go down. You really don’t enjoying doing that because you’ve noticed that in the past that has lead to disappointment. However it is like you are possessed by an evil twin who just must play out all the scenarios, maybe even just to annoy you. Of course you don’t object as your imagination starts to run wild, imagining just how great it could be.

Next thing you know you’ve missed your chance and you can chalk up another failure.


2 Responses to “Diamond”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    That happens way too often in life … while you’re busy plotting out how best to proceed without looking like a fool … everything else continues on without you.

  2. Alex Says:

    I guess you snooze your lose

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