No easy task

My uncle and I had an interesting conversation over the weekend about Tibet, super human powers and the like. I recall him saying, “had we spent all our time understanding and controlling our bodies like we spend years sitting in front on the computer, of course we too would be making ground breaking discoveries”. I obviously agree, if my job was to meditate each day trying to discover how I could program myself, developing my mind and the ‘self’, the world would have great results.

Some say that is what the inhabitants of Atlantis had reached, they had reached unparalleled levels universal control. We spend the majority of our lives trying to figure out what it is that we want in life and spend the rest of the time seeking to obtain it. Of course that is no easy task. Self control and understanding why you think the thoughts that you think, why you feel one emotion or another and most importantly how you can obtain control of your own reins.

You know those times when you feel anxious or worried or depressed, your logical side knows you are being irrational but you simply can’t help your own emotional feelings. We often seek advice during those times. Not always but quite often the advice that we get from others really refreshes our outlook and helps us move past some obstacle. A lot of the time the advice is something we already knew but somehow we don’t take ourselves seriously, somebody else has to say it. They say that the confident ones simply don’t give time to those emotionally consuming thoughts, instead believing that they will solve themselves in time.

In fact the whole problem with lack of confidence is that lack of confidence is not because you have not enough of something, but because you have too much of something else. Lack of confidence creates those uneasy feelings, that echoing feeling in your mind that discourages your most ambitious thoughts.

Some of us are more emotional than others, letting our emotions run more rampant. People like that tend to put a lot of meaning into situations, signals and responses. In a way they are simply more fine tuned, able to pick up on the slightest cues. Unfortunately it becomes really easy to be trapped and obsessed with some ideas in your head, not knowing how to rid your mind of them. That is why shift of a focus is so important, as well as keeping the mind occupied and busy. Not only does it give you a clearer picture allowing you to reflect and perhaps see your thoughts and feelings in a different light but it also is much healthier. A lot of people do exactly that and don’t realize it, a lot of us are always on the run from ourselves.

There are a lot of ideas that don’t help us, usually causing more stress and anxiety. For example the notion that failure is a bad thing. That is probably one of the most fundamental influential ideas of our time. In reality of course, failure and success are neither bad nor good. Success is typically associated with joy, confidence and happiness where as failure is assumed to feel opposite. It is of course hard to succeed in life when you spend a lot of time fearing, avoiding something that is the stepping stone to success. A lot of us are afraid of failure, we seem to think that we just got on the bike one day and started to ride it. The only difference between riding a bike and asking a girl out, or make a presentation in front of an audience or whatever else it might be, is that we now as adults (or maturing adults) put too much emphasis on it. We see it as a bar very high in the sky that will determine the rest of our lives. When in reality we must simply be happy with what we have today and accept failure as a just another scraped knee that didn’t hold us back from getting back on the bike.

A lot of people cut down religion, atheists are paving the way all around. However religion teaches something that you won’t find anywhere else, faith. Blind utter faith, faith without reason, faith without result. Faith and those who truly know how to believe in something are happy now, instead of later. Their faith brings them solace, making the end result irrelevant. That is something we should all learn to do, because it ties in with control one’s own emotions. People of faith are able to, without external stimulus, feel happy and satisfied now, rather than later. A very powerful skill.

We can’t allow our emotions, our fears and insecurities control how we progress through time. Yes they are all part of us but they do not define us. We must remember that no matter what we are experiencing on the inside, we have allowed ourselves to feel, we hold the ultimate control.


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