I was just eating my daily dose of two Danone Creamy yogurts when something extraordinary happened.

You know when you put jam or cream cheese on bread only to later drop it by accident? Well what happens? The bread lands with the spread to the floor. I’m sure there is some scientific explanation as to how the jam tips the balance ratio and the bread twirls and lands on the jam but I’m really not one to care. However today I managed to defy that law.

I opened up my yogurt and put the top covering to the side while I ate the yogurt. Once I was done I reached for the top, to lick off the yogurt on it before chucking it in the can. But the yogurt covered top slipped out of my hand and raced to the floor. As I saw it tumble through the air I had become prepared for the worst. To my surprise the top landed with the yogurt covered side up.

That is how I discovered the hand of God. 😀

And people say there is no higher power at work all around us. 😀


2 Responses to “Yougurt”

  1. tom Says:

    You got lucky! How about approaching your car after shopping and you are carrying some heavy bags…don’t you always find that your keys are in the one pocket you can’t reach without rearranging everything you’re carrying ??..oh and it’s raining!! LOL

  2. Alex Says:

    hah so true!

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