“They have it easier than me”

They may or may not have it easier. It doesn’t matter. There are guys who have it easier than you and guys who have it harder. Life isn’t fair that’s why that druggy friend of yours is driving the car of your dreams, or why you ex-friend is dating sleeping with your girl. Thing is, in life there is no absolute right or wrong, fair or unfair. I’ve just recently come to believe in the idea that failure is what makes us great. If everything was easy, fair and nice we wouldn’t get anywhere.

In fact if you think about it, we all have a unique opportunity to fail. In today’s society failure is regarded as negative thing when in reality without failure, enlightenment, progress and greatness would all be unattainable. The sooner you accept failure, you accept responsibility and recognize your ability to get up and try again, suddenly a world of possibility is available to you. Just think about it, when you fail you are given insight into how things work, you are presented a chance to discover and learn.

Rid yourself from fear of failure and you can attain great things.

Thus in the long run it doesn’t matter that girls have it “easier”, this fragment in time that you observing is just a spec in the overall scheme of things. Everybody has their own path, comparing yourself to the progress of others just makes you lose out on your own opportunities.

In reply to, “Women have it easy – it’s always like this?” on SoSuave


One Response to ““They have it easier than me””

  1. Dumbworld Says:

    Normally I don’t write about other peoples blogs, but this one really caught my eye. Great Site man…

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