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So I suppose that I should be disappointed but unbelievably I’m not. There was all this lead up to the date which now in hindsight makes me seem just stupid.

That is the part that doesn’t leave me disappointed. I’m glad we went out, I’m glad I made mistakes. In hindsight I could have played it differently but at the same time I just know there wasn’t a spark between us.

We talked about a lot of stuff but to be honest none of it was really relevant, rather just time fillers. I managed to let her pay for bubble tea, which I’m kinda shocked by. I mean she said since I drove she’d cover it, but I mean c’mon I didn’t want to wrestle her to pay, she insisted so I said ok, we’re all adults here. Makes me feel kinda wonky but what can you do. She didn’t want to owe me anything, I understand, that’s fine by me.

So overall, she was a great girl and all but the energy that I put thinking about it was not worth it (what else is new I know). She’s ambitious and I’m ambitious just not in tune.

Anyway long story short, glad I went, but I’ll keep fishing.

Lesson learned, finish with a hug.


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