So it seems like I haven’t made a blog post in a few weeks. Don’t have any excuses, just don’t feel like ranting. It’s better to write when you want to not when you feel pressured to keep up with a quota.

Yesterday I woke up from a dream about my home town’s Ottawa Senators losing to Buffalo Sabers … in a basketball game. I spent a good portion of the dream arguing with some (official) about how the game should not count towards the standings because the game of basketball does not utilize goaltenders and thus it was not a real hockey game (duh).

Come yesterday evening the highly anticipated hockey game was on. Ottawa Senators leading the Buffalo Sabers 3-0 in the semi-finals. A lot of Ottawa fans had their brooms out, but my dream had predicted otherwise. The Senators ended up loosing the game just like I had dreamt it.

Of course premonition is a strong label and there a lot of people who would call it a “lucky guess”. Perhaps they are right or perhaps I really did have a premonition, either way it doesn’t really matter. It just makes for something to ponder about. Being a Sens fan and seeing the way Buffalo was outplayed in the first three games, then going to sleep and having your brain concoct such a dream, is pretty cool.


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  1. wherethemoneyisat Says:

    Wonderfully spoken…

    What is important to learn to know and understand about yourself as a male is.. the male mind is goal oriented.. a basic male mammal survival hunting instinct passed on in the DNA from generation to generation… the ability to see where you have come from and where you want to go… like in.. “he carries the puck from behind his own net, up over the blue line, passes it off to a winger who takes it up the center, deaks out the goalie to score… the hunt complete..

    It is very important for males to always maintain goal orientation.. what good is a hockey player if he is carrying the puck and thinking about how beautiful flowers are… i love the smell of flowers.. get my point..

    your dream is a correction point instinct expression of the subcouncious… telling you to maintain focus and not to betray yourself as you do have your own remarkable hunting skills…

    at a deeper level it is the tale of your instincts in the skills you are developing in tracking… uncovering your talents and skills

    i am not sure what you know about tracking… but if you have no idea as to deer tracks, yet there are plenty of deer in the forest you roam..and this is a good diet for what you need to feed yourself to survive the seasons.. just how will you fair… well.. i guess you can eat flowers.. big smile…

    premonition is the voice of the honing instincts of the subconscious.. enough said

    Lots of Love.. Tiandra (windiepink)

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