Lucky Day

Yesterday started off with an unpleasant surprise. I couldn’t find my watch. I was getting ready for work and decided to wear my watch (which I’ve been neglecting lately). Only problem was it wasn’t in it’s usual place, by my monitor. After a bit of memory searching I realized that I had definitely left it on the counter at my work’s gym. Not a very good start to my day as I’m not one to lose such things so easily. Of course my biggest fear was that someone liked it and just kept it.

I got in to work and talked to Tom, the guy at the front desk (security). Turns out someone did indeed turn in my watch and I was ecstatic. After I ripped open the envelopes that contained it, I kissed my watch, vowing never to part with it again.

Yesterday was also the first day of my summer class. While find parking, a thought crossed my mind that I would have to pay for parking as it wasn’t the weekend and definitely wasn’t late enough for it to be free. I decided to park anyway and risk it. On my way to Southam Hall I noticed an overturned parking pass beside the parking ticket dispenser. I walked past it, then returned, flipped it over and realized that it was valid until midnight. Lucky me. I placed it on my dashboard and headed off to class.

While waiting outside talking to a friend of mine, Anne bumped into us, which meant that she had my money. Later when I got home and counted it, it turns out my trip to CS Games 2007 was free, as it was completely covered.

I consider that a pretty lucky day.


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