the first flight

Sure has been a while since I posted. I actually visit my site regularly but for some reason I don’t have anything that I feel like writing about. I guess to add to my unwillingness to be creative, I’m also engaged with a few other things. Mainly it is work, TAing and class. I was until 12 last night marking student midterms. I went to the gym yesterday too, plus I TAed and had class. Pretty saturated day.

Overall I’m kind of mellow. I can’t say I’m satisfied with everything thats happening, but at the same time I’m not discontent. Today for instance we’ll be picking up our new car. That means that tomorrow I officially have a car. One would think that I’d be thrilled but now there’s the issue of insurance + gas costs to worry about.

Originally written sometime in late July or early August.


One Response to “the first flight”

  1. wherethemoneyisat Says:

    I found you through windiepink… You seem ever so real.. most delightful indeed!

    A blog is an ever wonderful challenge… just where is the body language…. dare i place digital embryos upon the canvas of this artificial intelligence… just what of my mindlessness may by chance impregnate a incandescence “Will”… or will it find itself streaming out across a globe of a perfectly dysfunctional Geek effulgent… to dissolve into……….

    Or is there a just by chance a functional collective that calls forth the draw i feel upon my creativity… I know i am more than the more that is known… but wait.. is not a pause.. a…”Perfect Moment”

    Lots of Love.. Tiandra..(windiepink)

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