Lost Dream

I had a dream last night. I am not quite clear as to what happens in the beginning of the dream, but the majority of the plot I recall accurately. We or I depending who you ask, were on a plane. The plane must of crashed or something because I remember being in the water and picking up some guy. I was coughing up red water (which I can only assume was blood?) into my face. There was a bunch of survivors around me, and we all started running in land. Apparently there was some sort of scorpions or spiders in the sand, so we had to run quickly. Somebody said that because I was carrying an injured person I could not be harmed. A riff in my memory and now I’m sitting on a log with some girl. She’s a pretty girl. We were not on any certain friendly terms, just fellow crash survivors I guess. She put her head on my shoulder and I leaned against her. I think there was a sunset. Another riff in my memory. We are not running back to the beach. I don’t think this mystery girl is around anymore. There’s a big dead beached whale from where we ran ashore.  Apparently there was a big airplane somewhere in land. So we run back inland. The plan is to push the airplane into the water. We start pushing, all the while afraid of the spiders or scorpions in the sand.  We pick up speed and get the plane in the water (even with the huge beached whale in our way).

Sometime after I wake up, about 30 minutes late. Yet a feeling of warmness and a strange pleasantness remains inside as I recall my moment with that mysterious girl on that log, on that island.

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