Lost Dream

I had a dream last night. I am not quite clear as to what happens in the beginning of the dream, but the majority of the plot I recall accurately. We or I depending who you ask, were on a plane. The plane must of crashed or something because I remember being in the water and picking up some guy. I was coughing up red water (which I can only assume was blood?) into my face. There was a bunch of survivors around me, and we all started running in land. Apparently there was some sort of scorpions or spiders in the sand, so we had to run quickly. Somebody said that because I was carrying an injured person I could not be harmed. A riff in my memory and now I’m sitting on a log with some girl. She’s a pretty girl. We were not on any certain friendly terms, just fellow crash survivors I guess. She put her head on my shoulder and I leaned against her. I think there was a sunset. Another riff in my memory. We are not running back to the beach. I don’t think this mystery girl is around anymore. There’s a big dead beached whale from where we ran ashore.  Apparently there was a big airplane somewhere in land. So we run back inland. The plan is to push the airplane into the water. We start pushing, all the while afraid of the spiders or scorpions in the sand.  We pick up speed and get the plane in the water (even with the huge beached whale in our way).

Sometime after I wake up, about 30 minutes late. Yet a feeling of warmness and a strange pleasantness remains inside as I recall my moment with that mysterious girl on that log, on that island.

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So it seems like I haven’t made a blog post in a few weeks. Don’t have any excuses, just don’t feel like ranting. It’s better to write when you want to not when you feel pressured to keep up with a quota.

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How do you act when you’ve found something that you’ve been searching for? Something that would make life easier, less stressful and make you happy. You’re not sure if you think this is destiny, in fact you try to talk yourself out of that idea, fearing that it will jinx your chances of obtaining it. You can’t sit still because you are so anxious to act. You try to research as much as possible about it, making sure you’re not being fooled into a bad deal. All the while realizing that you’re being probably quite naive for feeling this way. Wishing you could take your own advice. You know the protocol and how such things should handled, but that doesn’t guarantee anything for you. You lose a night of sleep unintentionally dreaming about it. You begin to lift it onto an unreachable pedestal, making it seem like a huge deal. That in turn creates more anxiety and uncertainty at how to proceed. When you first saw it, you were cocky and confident. Upon further inspection you begin to wonder how good your chances really are at getting away with it. You tell yourself everything will be ok and things always work out for the best. You have already played out various scenarios in your head of how it will all go down. You really don’t enjoying doing that because you’ve noticed that in the past that has lead to disappointment. However it is like you are possessed by an evil twin who just must play out all the scenarios, maybe even just to annoy you. Of course you don’t object as your imagination starts to run wild, imagining just how great it could be.

Next thing you know you’ve missed your chance and you can chalk up another failure.


Had a odd dream this night. I’m not exactly sure where I was, seemed to be some sort of park. I think I was with my brother and I bumped into a lot of people from my elementary and early high school years. Rebecca T. was one that stood out the most. I can’t now recall what she looked like but I knew it was her when I saw her. Then the whole mood changed and I ended up stabbing someone for who knows what reason. Then I called 911 after which my dream ended when I realized that my arm was all tingly because I evidently cut off circulation to it.

Weird …

Car Bomb

pomegranatesI was just sitting here browsing some news. I was reading a story titled ‘A Wink and a Smile‘ – Why women send mixed signals to men. I finished reading the story, it wasn’t that entertaining. When BAM a dream I had came into my head.

I was walking down some street (I know there is more to the beginning of the story I just can’t recall it) when I came upon a parked van. I happened to look into the back seats and notice weird wiring coming out of something. Then my view expanded and I noticed that there were bags with fuses coming out them. I dashed forward, turned around stumbled. Thought about calling the cops but that didn’t happen. Finally hit behind a wall. Realized I was too close to the blast zone, moved back a bit, again felt like I was too close. Next thing I know the van is exploding … with pomegranates.

I just realized how seldomly I remember my dreams. Right … those damn pomegranates.

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Roses and Bluejays

I’m a lot like my dad
I would have to say
He’s been wearing a beard ever since mum passed away
She would’a hated it
Inspiring, he likes to go to church
To hear the choir sing ‘Roses and Bluejays’
Winter comes, game over
He’s in the driveway removing snow with a flamethrower
Drives a hard bargain
Knows how to get the deals
Spring fever hits, he needs a new set of wheels
Every year it never fails
Roaming around in his hometown beach
Combing ‘Roses and Bluejays’
I’m a lot like my father
He knows he should go to work
But sometimes he doesn’t bother
Reads books of every sort
Gets all the news he needs from the weather report
The door stays open a few days and closes
What’s more important than Bluejays and Roses?

Son of a gun
The old man is something else
In addition to being a bull-fighter and magician
He’s a lazy river, Slow moving train
Future hall-of-famer, playing through the pain
He’s a Grizzly Bear
And do you know one time he even saw a UFO?
My dad’s favorite things are Roses and Bluejays
I would say we’re the same, in more than a few ways

Full of beans and big ideas
‘Cause I can’t sleep
I’m not sure why he is
Wide awake and off to the races
Out of gas and lost in space
Full of beans and big ideas
‘Cause I can’t sleep
I’m not sure why he is
Wide awake and off to the races
Out of gas and lost in space

The lyrics are by Buck 65. Not sure if you’ve heard his music before but it is oddly entertaining. The songs are mostly spoken word set to a background melody. The words are his focus. He has another song you might enjoy, there are links to both below.

Buck 65 – Roses and Bluejays (MP3)

Buck 65 – Wicked and Weird (MP3)

2006’s most alluring women

limaWhat kind of guy would I be if I completely ignored ‘AskMen.com’s Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2006‘ list? Well I don’t know, because I’m not that kind of guy. So I’ve categorized this post under ‘Dreams‘ and I highly suggest you check out the list. Though I must say that I was slightly disappointed to see Mrs. 99 in her place, I personally think she deserves a higher place. Oh and who is Dallas Howard?

I am glad to see that Beyonce is nowhere near the top, because frankly being so overrated is bad for her health. I still think shes sitting a little high but that’s why I’m not a judge at AskMen.com. It is funny though that 70% of people disagree with me and feel she should be higher up.

I’ve currently clicked through 75 women and I realized I have not made a prediction for the top. So let me say that I have a spidy hunch that the top spot will be (should be?) held by what’s her name… Not a very good prediction when you can’t remember somebody’s name eh. The one from Victoria secret, with those wings, and wicked eyes. Seriously I’m not kidding I can’t remember! While searching my head for the name I remembered Angelina Jolie, and even though she’s not the one I’m thinking of, I’m sure she must be somewhere near the top, perhaps even top 10! … Aha Adriana Lima! Make sure to check out the sexy wallpaper!

Here is another kicker, Lindsay Lohan beat out Halle Berry? Ha

I just clicked my way to spot #6 which is occupied by Charlize Theron, so I think my prediction will be a good one! … Or not, so apparently Adriana Lima only took 4th? Why didn’t anybody ask me?! That girl is … wow. And if her virginity rumors are true then replace my wow with omg.

Interesting to note that Angelina Jolie, not only made it into the top 10, but made it into the top 3. That women is really on a roll. Of course at this point I just hope I will not be disappointed by the number one gal.

And thankfully it seems like I have not. Congratulations to Jessica Alba, she is definitely a stunner.

starAdriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and Ana Beatriz Barros bikini wallpaper!star