Introduction to Health

Depending on where you grew up and the kind of pressure you have experienced from society, you probably have a different definition of health. I’d like to think I lead a healthy lifestyle, although I know that is not completely true. While I do live a healthier lifestyle than most in my age group I’m no where near perfect and I definitely have things to improve upon. I don’t exactly know why but I’ve never questioned health, and I still don’t. If I know something has a health benefit I will eat it, do it, make it or chew it even if I’m not exactly in the mood for it. It is likely mostly due to my mom who has raised my brother and I with this mentality. Even though my brother is less accepting of the healthy lifestyle he does what he can. The concerning part is how many people do not care about their health.

Not too long ago North America (or was it just United States?) was declared as the fattest continent (country). I don’t know about you but that is a rather shameful title. If the world was flat like we used to think, we would definitely have tipped the world like a seesaw. In the day and age when there have been so many scientific breakthroughs and so much is known we still have not been able to develop a healthy lifestyle as a society. Most doctors are useless because all they can prescribe are drugs, that they are paid to advertise. People still smoke for God knows what reason and we spend a good 70% of our lives doing absolutely nothing physically challenging. We have developed a society where being weak is normal, where minorities make decisions and where nobody cares about each other’s health and well being.

Teenagers grow up drinking way too much and now even girls are starting to compete with guys at drinking games. Some may say I’m far too conservative and that’s their opinion but I think they are ignorant. I don’t deny that drinking can be a fun event, especially when you’re around friends, or after a tense week of work, sure a good way to relax, but why get hammered? In fact teens rarely do anything fun, they go to house parties to drink, they grow up and go to bars to drink but isn’t there more to fun than just drinking? Then people are amazed at the number of cancer incidents, heart problems, liver problems, you name it people in North America have had it. We are a spoiled society no debate about it. Our priority is not to live longer but to have the most amount of fun in the least possible time. Of course partially to blame is technology, it makes things too damn easy. I am hypocrite in a way as the only reason you are able to read this is because of computers. That is of course besides the point.

The point is that inaction does not lead to action. On the other hand, we cannot afford to have everybody lead healthy lives, just like we can’t have everybody go to University. Some are destined to fail just like some are destined to succeed. Natural selection is still at work. The only problem is that those that will fail outnumber the strong. As time goes on, everything has become more tailored for the weak then for those trying to make it somewhere in life, to improve themselves. For the longest time I thought that you could only grow muscle if you drank protein shakes and ate xxxx number of calories a day. It turns out of course that all that is bullshit. You can change your body without any supplements or dieting pills or powders. But goodluck finding any useful information on doing things the healthy way. Everything is tuned for the dumb consumer who has money to spend but has no head of his own. People are always looking for the quick fix, the search for the perpetual machine. Spend a little, make a lot. Unfortunately such machines do not yet exist.

Maybe it is because we don’t want things badly enough. If we had a strong enough drive to succeed then nothing would stand in our wave. Fortunately/Unfortunately for us, life is too damn sweet. We have roofs over our heads and you can always pay somebody else to shovel your driveway. We are hooked on the idea that somebody else can figure it out for us. In way that is powerful idea, spreading out tasks on a great population scale. However it is heavily flawed in that people allow themselves to be easily exploited by the malicious intent of others. That is why at the end of the day everything is in our hands and we are responsible for our own everything.

I have now created a Health section and will start sharing Health related tips and advice that I have personally experienced. I will try to share my experiences and my success and failures when it comes to staying fit and active.