As you might probably have guessed by now, I was slightly preoccupied in the last week or so with things and I didn’t have time to put ideas together into coherent text. That is a slight lie, since I did have plenty of time ever since last Sunday to make an update but I chose not to for various reasons inherited from laziness.

Last last weekend I was in Montreal for CS Games 2007. We placed in 9th out of 32 universities and Rochester was 1st. Overall a good weekend if you completely ignore the fact that the female presence bordered a negative one. Otherwise everything was good. Though I should probably mention that sleeping on the floor beside a balcony in the winter, should not be attempted unless you are prepared to wear several layers for warmth and padding. An easier thing to do is to order a cot, unless backpain is an enjoyable feeling for you.

Next set of business is regarding Lost. I have decided not to write episode reviews anymore mostly because it is not healthy for me. Actually not so much for me as my Lost experience. I have realized that scouring the internet for easter eggs, clues and other Lost related information, while extremely fun, is really detrimental the Lost mentality. I feel that way because you can’t help but bump into other people’s theories and insights, which end up exposing Lost in a very different light. Also when I spend my time writing about Lost, I get easily carried away with dissecting and various aspects when what I really should be doing is simply enjoying the show. Thinking about Lost in your own head is much more energy efficient and I’m sure Al Gore would be proud. I can see my self writing small posts about certain episodes but not on a weekly basis. At least not until I start re-watching Lost.

I also (finally) finished the a book which according to some guy on some forum was supposed to shed light on Lost. This will kind of tie into my previous paragraph about Lost. While writing this I decided to research on Wikipedia the entry for the book. The book is called ‘The third policeman’, written in 1940 by Flann O’Brien and is a rather short read, even though it took me a while to finish. So apparently, according to an unconfirmed rumor, the book is supposed to provide key insight to Lost’s mystery. Now I have to go home tonight and watch episode three of season two and see how the book might shed light on Lost. Oh great and now I just found a Lostpedia article on the book. Meaning I could probably read it now and be done with it, however I will hold out and watch the episode again. Never mind, I’m getting off topic. I gave the book only two stars because it was a bore most of the way through. I spent a lot of time trying to link in my mind the plot of the story to Lost. Having thus far failed I’m sure you can understand my unhappiness with the book. Though I will postpone further critique until I have investigated the origins of this apparent Lost insight further.

And some thoughts about words.

Words, what are words? That is what I have theorized while enjoying the closeness of men’s room stall. Words I think can be thought of as bookmarks in the pages of a book. Each page of the book containing an emotion, a concept, a feeling. Everybody has different books, but we share bookmarks. When you say ‘love’, I have to find my bookmark associated with the word of ‘love’. Read the page and “understand” your meaning. Imagine reading somebody else’s page on love, what would it be like. My first thought is, unreadable…


Tricia Tanaka is dead

As usual, I am one day or so behind on my Lost opinions because I’ve just been so damn busy. Here goes non the less.

The episode starts off pretty good, with the “you have to make your own luck” advice from Hugo’s dad. I thought it would lead to a stellar episode however I found it more disappointing than anything else. The episode wasn’t bad but it just didn’t seem like a typical Lost episode. It didn’t require any thinking, didn’t make me jump to any rash conclusions and definitely didn’t pose or answer any major plot questions. For me it felt like a filler episode. An episode that needs to be produced but that doesn’t really move the plot along.

Personally I’m not one for this whole Sawyer and Kate romance part (or whatever it is). For me it just doesn’t seem like something that Lost should be spending time on. Lost for me is a show about something extraordinary, something beyond the realm of what is probably possible. A show about the unmeasurable consequences that influence us day to day.

HugoThe whole episode was focused on Hugo though by the end I still didn’t feel like it was clear if there really was a curse, what is the deal with the numbers, how does that tie into the plot of Lost. I think the episode could have been much improved had it stuck to one idea. In fact a lot of stuff jumped out at me that made the episode even harder to appreciate. Usually Lost is really good about its props and ideas making sure to come off as believable as possible. However numerous times throughout the episode I kept playing down some (what seemed like to me) major weaknesses. For example the whole asteroid/meteor thing. Like ok I get that Hugo is “cursed” but c’mon, really? I suppose it could work with Lost’s theme but not when it’s played off as a random occurrence (the chances of which are astronomical?). Next there is the whole business of the shag mobile VW van that Hugo finds. Once again, what the? Why is it there? Did it just fall out of the sky? Why did Roger die, not like he couldn’t have gotten out of the rolled over vehicle. When Hugo and Jin pull Roger out, his head falls on a pile of papers … pure white papers. Like they were just taken out of a printer. If a vehicle had been there long enough to be overgrown by whines then why hasn’t the paper aged at all? They spent an adequate amount of time making Roger’s jump suit look pretty old and faded but not the paper… odd! Then Hurley has the brilliant idea of sending the VW down the slope hoping to start it. Recruits Charlie and before they are about to crash head on into a bunch of rocks, Hurley manages to revive the van and they safely steer out of harms way, neglecting the momentum that would, if they were going fast tip over the van. All this while Hugo closes his eyes “making his own luck”. I’m all for a little hope but c’mon that seems like too unrealistic.

Finally towards the end of the episode we get some action. Can’t even really call it action considering that its too little too late. Damn it I miss Locke and his crazy ideas. Lost needs to step it up. Ever since the episode with Desmond I’m having trouble appreciating Lost.


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Feel good song in the episodeThree Dog Night – Shambala dot mp3

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Stranger in a Strange land

A rather interesting episode. I don’t feel like it was shocking, and it really didn’t make me think but I believe it was lased with small hints. I don’t pay attention the hype that ABC puts out, so luckily I was not disappointed when the three supposed questions were not answered. Personally I didn’t feel like any questions were really answered, if anything more were definitely introduced.

JackThe plot of Lost is rather curious. It is full of mysterious powers and events that could only be taken on with fate. Though at the same time there is this parallel plot line that involves these “others” which is not really that mystical and is very concrete. Sure there are questions left unanswered but for me the show is divided and I try hard to connect the supernatural side of Lost with the Others. Thus far I have failed. I personally prefer the supernatural side to Lost a lot more. I think it would be disappointing if the Others weren’t somehow connected to overall plot line. What is it that connects ties the Others into the plot line?

In this Wednesday’s episode we do find out quite a bit more about the Others. We find out that they don’t live the Hydra station island (guess we already suspected that). Apparently they even have “backyards”, which seems to imply a level of sophistication that is not seen on the island(s). The Islands are, in my opinion, left over from the Dharma initiative and yet who are the Others and what is their role? The kid who Sawyer and Freckles rescue says that the Others only work on the island but live somewhere else. In fact they don’t seem to like the island at all. That is of course understandable but what kind of work do they do that is so important? As I write this I just had a flashback to the beginning of Season 3. When Juliet burns her hand while making muffins and we see that their “village” is situated in the middle of an island. Is that where their backyards are? It seems so very remote and isolated. I keep hoping that the Others serve a higher purpose. It would be really disappointing if they were simply some nomads. At the same time there are a very strange bunch. We saw how they branded Juliet and maybe more judging by the bandage that she covered up while Jack put aloe on her mark. They seem to be a rather small group of people and marking somebody on their back certainly won’t produce humiliation so what is the purpose? Being marked definitely didn’t seem like a big deal to Juliet so what is its purpose? My mind fails to create an interesting scenario where the marking would play a role and still feel like Lost. Maybe the mark is not important but then why give it such a focus?

Marking does play a different role with Jack. Or perhaps it is not so different after all. While Jack is in Thailand he meets that girl while trying to fly a kite. While I was watching the episode I had a feeling that there was significance in the kite. The girl that he meets seems to live a questionable lifestyle. We really do not find out much about her, even when she says she reads people and marks them that doesn’t seem like a profession that would yield envelopes of cash. When Jack finds out at first she refuses to mark him, saying that that would dishonor her people. I wonder what people she is referring too. The wording that gets branded on Jack translates (from Chinese) to mean “Eagles high, cleaving sky”. Relating back to the kite that Jack flies in the beginning, is that of an eagle’s silhouette. However Isabel (the apparent sheriff) translate his tattoo to mean “He walks among us, but he is not one of us”. At least that is the impression we get. Not to mention that she seems to be fluent in Chinese.

So by the end of the episode I was left asking myself, “so what does this all mean and how does it add and relate to our story?” Oh and who is this damn Jacob? I’m pretty sure that he’s a real dude.

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Flashes before MY eyes

lost s03e08

Woah. I finally got a chance to watch this weeks Lost episode “Flashes before your eyes” and I’m amazed. The episode incorporates something that I’ve always wondered about, time travel, the grandfather paradox and the like. I have so many ideas circulating right now that I’m not yet fully able to connect it into strings of thoughts.

But wow! Lost is unbelievable!

Sunday Update:

DesmondI let the episode brew in my head for some time. I’ve also had a chance to browse a few forums and read some opinions and easter eggs that were present in the episode. It is actually quite intriguing what happens to Desmond. I’m quite convinced that what Desmond experienced was not a dream, but in fact some sort phenomenon that we cannot as of yet explain. If you notice, his “flash back” begins when he turns the key and ends with him lying on the ground … naked. Through his “flash back”, especially in the beginning he keeps noticing coincidences, anomalies and deja vu feelings. I interpreted that as meaning that he had present with him his knowledge of the island. It seemed like he was reliving an episode of his life. At first he couldn’t quite place it, but then when he met Charlie on the street he clearly recalled the Island. However it appeared as though he was experiencing the Island as a memory of what had happened in the past. Tricky thing. So what caught my attention BIG TIME was when he was in the jewelry shop (which was set up brilliantly might I add) she shop keeper lady begins to recount Desmond’s past actions (as we have seen them in past) with stunning accuracy. At that moment the episodes turns from awesome, to stunning. How can this woman know all this about Desmond? When she recounts Desmond’s journey and how he ends up on the island, she only tells us the story up until the failsafe. Obviously this revelation opens up a whole new can of worms. How does this woman know about the island? How come her recollection of Desmond’s choices stops at the failsafe? She says that Desmond does indeed save “us all” by pushing the button. That is Desmond’s greatest role in the Universe … Then why does she seem like she’s talking him out of making the wrong choice? It is as though whatever he does in this “second attempt” actually has consequences. It can actually influence, what seems to us like, the future? Also interesting to note how Miss M does not physically force Desmond to continue down the charted path, instead relying on the “shock effect” of the guy in the red shoes.

As Desmond is walking down the street on his way to meet Penny he walks by the Army recruiting place, originally isn’t that what Desmond joins (then goes to jail?) and that is how he separated from Penny? In any case he walks past it.

See you in another life brother. – Desmond

I bet there’s something to that phrase…


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Flashes Before your Eyes

Who knew that living in Canada would actually have an actual television related benefit. Definitely not me, especially not when it comes to American TV shows. However apparently Lost airs a whole hour earlier in Canada than in the States.

Anyways so about Lost. Today is a new episode which will obviously open yet another can of worms. So far, if I had to tally all the opened cans the tally would be at around 40 cans. One can per episode, with roughly 5 (I think I’m being too bold) cans accounted for.

I know from my own experience that I tend to focus more on the events that happened in the recent Lost episodes and somewhat forget about the previous surprises that had been revealed.  Take for instance the foot of the broken apart statue as observed by Sayed, Sun and Jin. Whatever happened to that? What about Desmond’s powers? Luckily for us, the rumor is that today’s episode will be dedicated to Desmond. Alright then how about the end of Season 2 when we learn about the crew that was commissioned to look for the island … what have they been up to?

All I’m saying is that while we love a mystery too many mysteries start to get annoying. We need some serious revelations and quick.

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Only Fools are Enslaved by Time and Space

I had an idea like this race through my head while I was watching Lost’s latest episode ‘Not in Portland’ but some guys went a head and actually did it.

In the scene with Karl strapped to the chair in Room 23, there is a backwards message in the first half of the film (this is a technique called “backmasking“). It’s a woman repeating the phrase “Only fools are enslaved by time and space”.

So what does that mean?

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Not in Portland

Lost - Not in Portland s03e07

How clever. Maybe it’s just me but when I watch a tv show I can’t constantly compare known facts, look out for hints and keep up with the developments. That’s why I when I watch Lost, I do just that, watch it and experience the whatever comes up. I leave the thinking for later.

I watched Lost episode 7 (Season 3) titled (appropriately as I would later deduce) “Not in Portland”. If I had to rate the episode I would probably give it 3 out of 5 flying saucers. I’d give it but 3.5 but I’ve never seen half a flying saucer. Overall it was an OK episode. We did find out a bit more about the possible malicious background of the island’s purpose. I’m still pretty confused and I think I would have preferred to not have this episode leading off where the season paused. I was expecting more of a shocking episode. Then again the season is merely continuing, so not really that big of a deal (it is to us fans though!).

“When the sky went purple” says Tom but is cut off. Next there’s the whole issue of black holes. If you ask me the idea of black holes completely ruins the idea of Lost for me. Black holes just don’t fit in. Not because they couldn’t possibly explain some of the island’s phenomenon but because it doesn’t feel right … not to me.

“Never come back from me, promise me Kate” why in the world would he promise that? Either Jack is going loony or there’s meaning behind that.

I’m so damn confused! Which is a way is good because I would never appreciate Lost if it was straight forward and with all the answers.

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