New Jersey

Enough is enough. It is time to add a full fledged category to my blog chronicling how often New Jersey pop-ups in my life. I realize of course that there is higher chance it is simply all coincidental but where is the fun in that?

I’ve thought about doing this before, but today, while in my boss’ office, we were on the phone with Bill. Not exactly sure who Bill is or what his role is but the thing is that he was talking to us from his car as he was driving somewhere. Towards the end of the conversation he mentioned he was in New Jersey. Now for you there’s nothing remarkable about that. For me however New Jersey and I seem to have been bumping into each other for a while.

To be honest I’m not exactly sure what about New Jersey triggers these feelings in me but ever time I think back to the summers (now like 4 of them) spent in New Jersey, this odd and peculiar sensation comes over me. I want to say I love New Jersey but somehow I know that love doesn’t describe the emotion well enough. Perhaps it is because all my memories of New Jersey are from the summer and I’ve always been there with my family, on break from work, school, and the other daily hassles of life. Maybe it’s those magical beaches where you can spend your whole day just soaking in the rays and not worrying about anything, well except maybe sunscreen on the odd occasion.

It is odd but I feel a strange pull towards that state.

Previously unmentioned references to New Jersey in my life.
– In the book “Conspiracies” by F.Paul Wilson, Lew a character lives in New Jersey.
– others I can’t recall at this very moment