It’s all about him

I was just browsing some blogs here on the WordPress network. I ran across a few blogs dedicated to God and quoting scriptures and stuff like that. Then just now I ran across a pretty innocent looking blog. It’s most recent post was about Facebook. Seemed normal enough right? Well wrong, the author started talking about how Facebook can be used as tool for God to reconnect people. Or something like that anyway.

So I decided to make a post about how much it disturbs me when people talk as if they are God’s servants. My grandmother is like that, she preaches God to us like we’re a family from hell. Though it sure is compelling to know what it must feel like. Must be pretty damn good if people are willing to submit themselves to God so fully.


Back in Black

I’m back.

It’s a shame that I stopped writing on my blog. I guess its not as much fun when nobody reads your stuff. Of course though, it was never really meant to be a popular thing, just a place for me to write. A few thing have happened since my last entry. I’m not in the mood to go over all of them now, perhaps they will come up as I continue to blog.

Currently I’m sitting in HP 1175 with 60+ midterms to hand out. So far only one student has come to pick up their midterm… That means I have another 60+ to lug back home.

Not to mention that I’m hungry and two major assignments are due within the next week. By the looks of things, this is going to be another uneventful weekend. Which is pretty sad, because it’s been like 5 in a row.

Google Docs is miss-formatting my work and adding in unrequested line breaks.

Minority Groups

I don’t get it. Why can’t a person of a minority group be an idiot? I don’t care if you’re homosexual, or your skin is puprle poka-dots, if you’re going to whine and moan about being accepted in society then accept this:

You too can be an idiot!

Knowledge is overrated

I was on my way home from work today when I picked up the local paper and, there on the front page was this photo…

Algonquin College

Like seriously what gives? Don’t tell me I spend nearly 6k a year on “education” when community college has people like THAT go to it!
But hey at least we have a killer engineering program…bleh.

Edit: After starring at this photo for hours, I have a question. Where are all the guys????



Hey guys, if you’re here because you visited my old site on, welcome back and thanks for following.

If you’re new then just as well, welcome!

Now that I have so much more control over my blog I think I’ll try something creative. Not exactly sure what yet, but it’ll come to me.

Please excuse the ads that I’ve added, I’m still testing out their optimum placement. Feel free to click on them if you want, :P, several times a day for goodluck!

Bilderberg Meet

"It's like the Woodstock for conspiracy theorists. Those who follow the Bilderberg group say it got Europe to adopt a common currency, got Bill Clinton to support NAFTA, and spent this week deciding what to do about high oil prices and that pesky fundamentalist president of Iran."

I was on my way to work on Thursday and noticed that the hotel that is near my work was blocked off. Women and men in black suits patrolling the premise. Two police cruisers and an ambulance were also on scene. I didn't know what to think so I shrugged it off. Then rumors started spreading that Bill Gates had arrived at the hotel and that was the reason for the increased security. Then I found out about the whole Bilderberg group story.

Over the next few days there were people standing outside the hotel with signs and posters. It is fascinating how there are these meetings of powerful people to figure out how to conduct the world. The most unbelievable part is that they chose to meet here, right in my own city.

I wonder what they were actually discussing at this meeting.

Hanging Around

What a cool cat. No pun intended. Click on the image for a full view and learn about the artist. 😀